Angel Grace
55kg Melbourne

Availability: Outcall

Phone: +64220212304

Height: 10cm

Weight: 55kg

Nationality: No data

Angel Grace

Description - Angel Grace 55kg Melbourne

26 years old Female from Melbourne, Australia Angel Grace walks the world with fire beneath her feet. Passionate and poised, her steps inspire greatness. She’s a perfect match for a man looking for a stunning woman to spend his intimate moments with.

Immaculate as a porcelain doll, Grace’s milky skin begs to be touched. Your hands will have a mind of their own as they caress her soft, womanly curves. As you twirl the ends of her long gold hair between your fingers, you’ll glance at her swelling bust—a lush, natural C-cup. Angel Grace’s ivy-green eyes will fill you with a passion and longing that can only be assuaged by her gentle touch.

True to her name, Angel Grace’s presence infuses the air with charm and class. As her arm links with yours, you’ll feel her heart beat beneath her luscious chest. Her hand on the small of your back will send chills down your spine. Angel Grace will hypnotise your senses and take you to a realm of bliss.

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