Angel Chloe
55kg Melbourne

Availability: Outcall

Phone: +64220212304

Height: 11cm

Weight: 55kg

Nationality: No data

Angel Chloe

Description - Angel Chloe 55kg Melbourne

24 years old Female from Melbourne, Australia Angel Chloe brings light to every room she enters. When you first lay eyes on her, you will be unable to think of anything but the way her graceful body is moving towards you. She entrances every one of your senses.

Tall and slender, Angel Chloe will excite you with her toned, flexible figure. Your eyes will wander across her sensual frame, then lock onto her luscious C-cup breasts. Their lushness will send shivers over your body. You’ll look at her eyes, an icy grey-blue, and feel them pull you towards her. When your bodies collide, you’ll run your hands through Chloe’s heavenly blonde hair, causing her to sigh in ecstasy. Your hand will reach for her behind, and as you grip its softness, your carnal desires will be fulfilled.

Chloe’s engaging confidence in the bedroom will awaken your most primal instincts. An avid dancer and gym-goer, Chloe likes to keep her body in shape, and it shows when you two begin your play. Her stamina and enthusiasm will impress you for the duration of your intimate encounter. Angel Chloe loves to dress herself in breathtaking lingerie, and you’ll love the way it looks as it falls to the ground. As you hold onto her tightly, her smiles and sighs will keep you excited while her hands travel across your most sensitive areas.

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